Pre Bowl Requests

This committee is responsible for granting any Pre Bowl or Postponement requests. This will take a 100% unanimous vote of this committee to allow or disallow the request. Any disputes will be taken before the league board of directors and officers to determine the final outcome for the request. That vote will be require a 100% approval to allow. If a 100% vote cannot be reached at this point then the request will NOT be allowed.

Region One committee members are:

    • Patrick Lenihan - Allen Bowl
    • Robert McGraw - Jupiter Billiard Club
    • Fred Loden - AMF Richardson Cafe

Region Two committee members are:

    • Terry Beech - AMF Lewisville Lanes
    • Canell Thompson - Forum Bowl Lounge
    • William Rogers - AMF Showplace Eurless Wings

Teams in regions will take their completed request form to one of these committee members (in their region) for determination to allow or disallow the request.

It is the sole responsibility of the team captain that is requesting the pre bowl or postponement to notify the opposing team captains and the league secretary and to have their request form filled out completely and submit to the committee in their region for approval before the pre bowl or postponement can be done.

Click HERE to download the Pre Bowl Request Form and provide to your nearest representative.